Bunkbed Dreambox

Our dreambox bunk bed has a timeless design, it is strong and very well made*. There’s nothing fussy about it and the intelligent detailing provides plenty of room for a child’s imagination and creativity. It could be a fire engine, a knight’s castle, a ship, a fortress or a puppet theatre. The dreambox provides a platform that encourages fantasy play and ingenuity, yet it radiates calmness: after all, you want the children to quiet down in bed before sleeping.

  • Manufactured in Switzerland from certified birch plywood; with white-oiled surface
  • 2 slatted bases rollable are not included
  • * Our bunkbeds conform to Standard DIN EN 747
  • Size inside: 200/90/150cm
  • Weight not including slatted basses and matresses: 62kg
  • Packaging: 1 pieces, Total 65kg
Slatted base, sprung, rollable
Roll flex
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Matratze no1
Matratze no2
Cuddle Pillow
Down duvet
Bedlinen Oscar
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